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Arfooo Directory version 1.0.7 available

Published by Arf, 2008/11/01
After many weeks of development, bug fixes, testing, and securing the script.

Version 1.0.7 of Arfooo directory is now available.

This version was slow to emerge because it was up to secure the script and mainly the payment system.
During the development of this part, security holes have appeared on the side of allopass and their API, and therefore it was necessary seal, waterproof absolutely all possibilities for misuse.

I took the opportunity to check all sources external magpierss as well as the authentication Arfooo directory.

So there have been many changes and improvements that will please you, and hope to live.
Below the list is not totally exhaustive:

1) Add the tags function clouds.
2) Add the ability to choose the type of submission of a site (free or paid) through  Allopass and  Paypal.
3) Adding to the administration of a text editor (TinyMCE) to facilitate the editing of texts.
4) Adding to the administration of 3 links allowing you to view (the link to the site, the RSS, the map Google Maps).
5) Add in the administration and the ability to manage the relationship backlink on the form (Enabling / Disabling, personalization of the url and text).
6) Changing the advertising system to enable ads quickly on every page.
7) Fix a bug with the cache of RSS feed that was not removed after "X" days.
8) Fix a bug with the "/" and keywords.
9) Fix a bug with the words beginning with "admin" and "moderation" which returned a 404 error.
10) Fixed several bugs when registration webmasters was not activated.
11) Correction of several alerts javascripts untranslated.
12) Fix a bug with the command link: google that returns 0.
13) Fix a bug with the function unserialize () which did not display the information on Google servers.
14) Fix a bug with firefox and verification of keywords.
15) Fix a bug with the description metas keywords.
15) Fix a bug with emails and characters multibytes.
16) Fix a bug that prevented the administrator to add a website if the class does not accept site.
17) Fix a bug that does not change the webmaster of a website.
18) Fix a bug that does not update the date of validation of a site through the form of publishing the website.
19) Fix a bug that shows the link javascript comments even if comments were disabled.
20) Fix a bug that does not update the counter of the category, if you change a category.
21) Fix a bug with the captcha that was sometimes not generated.
22) Fix a bug with background and research of thumbs, newsletter, ...
23) Changing the management comments.
24) Changing images path to facilitate the creation of template:
     uploads / images_categories / defaultCategoryImage.gif -> templates / arfooo / images / defaultCategoryImage.gif
     uploads / images_thumbs / default.jpg -> templates / arfooo / images / default.jpg
25) Amendment of the page when entries are closed, it is now easily customizable.
26) Create a file ref.php to count the referrers throughout your site.
27) Correction of spelling errors.

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