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Arfooo directory 1.0.8 version available

Published by Arf, 2008/12/16

Version 1.0.8 of your PHP directory script is available.

Once again, many modifications and additions are to the program:

1) Add the statistical "banned sites".
2) Add in the administration of the possibility of banishing Tag, to delete.
3) Add in the administration of the opportunity to manage the advertising tags.
4) Adding to the administration of the option to disable the backlink mandatory in the payment system.
5) Add in the administration of the possibility of adding a description in the keywords.
6) Adding to the administration in the mail a button to display the type of submission: free or paid.
7) Adding to the administration of the possibility of sending newsletter in HTML format.
8) Adding to the administration of the ability to import/export emails to the newsletter.
9) Add the possibility to subscribe / unsubscribe from the newsletter.
10) Adding a verification system by mail during the registration webmasters or submitting a site.
11) Amendments to System backlink to make it more efficient.
12) Amendments to generation sitemap.xml order not to overload the server's memory.
13) Amendments to the new page. We must now choose the number of sites to display on this page.
14) Amendment of the paging system. Now the title is displayed in the pages.
15) Change in the form of submission of the site. When the number of characters is reached, the color turns green.
16) Amendment to display the comments. It is now possible to choose display or popup on the details of the sites.
17) Amendment of the advertising system to change quickly in advertising sites.
18) Changing the management referrers.
19) Amendment of search engine results
20) Amendment comprehensive management of Google Maps.
21) Fix a bug that prevented from using the background task.
22) Fix a bug with Tag clouds and special characters.
23) Remove the opportunity to choose to disable the caching system as a matter of logic.

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